HLR Praline has acquired genuine expertise and know-how in selecting our raw materials and thanks to various technology combinations our process is a perfect mix connecting artisanal tradition and industrial requirements.

Selection of raw materials

At the origin : a fruit

We attach particular importance in our sourcing control and the traceability of our raw materials, conventional and from organic farming.

We rigorously select our suppliers who might respect our strict specifications and we are proud to maintain a long term relationship with them in order to follow the sector evolution and the quality of the harvests.

Enhance the aromas

An essential step to sublimate the nuts’ aromas, we roast our hazelnuts and almonds ourselves.

Light or strong, roasting is a crucial step for obtaining the desired flavors in the final product.




A culinary tradition

This culinary technique protects the product and brings a gourmet touch to many bases such as dried fruits, seeds or cereal billets.

Performed in our copper turbines, caramelization also brings a crunchy note to many toppings.

The creation of subtle blends

Coating all types of bases with high standard chocolates is a historical know-how developed at our south-west part of France site.

The tempering expertise and the quality of our couverture chocolates are the guarantee for obtaining gourmet and visually appealing ingredients.