We are really aware of the quality stakes that we must match, in order to have the confidence of our customers.

Our quality department is controlling and advising at each step of the process, from the reception of raw materials up to the finished products :

Few words about our quality :
  • All our raw materials that enter the factory are strictly controlled in our laboratories.
  • Our wide experience and know how on dry fruits like hazelnuts and almonds, allowed us to develop a strict quality chart based on physical and chemical tests.
  • The product is regularly controlled throughout the process chain 
  • We don’t use any thickener and preservative (Lagny site)


  • Obtaining of the standard ISO 22000 + FSSC since 2013 on Lagny, since 2015 for Revel
  • Kosher Parved (Lagny) & Kosher (Revel, depending on the caramelized references)
  • Member of Alliance 7