Know-how & liabilities

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Know-how & liabilities

HLR manufactures natural ingredients for the food industry.Logo "Sans additif"


  • Our process is  using homemade knowledge
  • We are able to develop and produce new ingredients in relation with the client
  • As medium size companies we are flexible and reactive
  • We can deliver goods by pallets or  full trucks, in big bags or  in10 to 25 Kg bags
  • Rigorous selection of our suppliers
  • We proceed to quality controls at each step of the process
  • We are concerned by environmental issues that’s why we set up for 2012 a reprocessing waste channel.
  • Member of the SEDEX


We are specialized in the manufacture of :

  • Nougatine and praline
  • Chocolate coated ingredients
  • Caramelized roasted dry fruits pieces