Inclusions, cakes decoration, toppings

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Inclusions, cakes decoration, toppings

Our products are widely used by food manufacturer, in the preparation of their deserts, cakes, chocolates, as inclusions, decorations, or toppings.

We work on the recipe and the size of our ingredients in order to match your requirements.
These ingredients are presented in pieces, in powder, in nibs, sugar beans, coated or not with caramel or chocolate.
Our caramel is “home made”. All our raw materials are natural: dry fruits, almonds, hazelnuts, fruits cubes, cocoa nibs, chocolate, cereals, natural extract…

Few examples of desert :

  • Vanilla ice cream topped with caramelised praline.
  • Luxury Belgium Chocolate with praline inclusions
  • Chocolate coffee beans in coffee ice cream

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