Chocolate coating

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Chocolate coating

HLR Revel is specialized in chocolate coating of inclusions
We either use black, white or milk chocolate.

Grains enrobés de chocolat, crème glacée  

Sugar beans coated with chocolate

These beans are composed of sugar blended with flavors or natural extracts  (coffee, mint, etc…) and sometimes liquor (rum, vodka, brandy, etc…)
The beans are then coated with chocolate; they can be glazed on request.

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Eclats enrobés de chocolat, cône de glace  

Cereals coated with chocolate 

We coat flakes, extruded cereals, cereal seeds etc…

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Eclats de chocolat, cône de glace

Fruit pieces coated with chocolate

We coat fruits, dry fruits pieces, cocoa nibs, almonds, hazelnuts etc…

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