Caramelized dry fruits

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Caramelized dry fruits

We caramelize dry fruits pieces of :

Pecan nuts
Cocoa nibs

Orange cube
Apple, etc…


Caramelized dry fruits pieces

Each fruit piece is at first sieved and then coated with a thin sugar layer in a turbine. Dry fruits like almonds or hazelnuts are at first roasted.

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Caramelized dehydrated fruits pieces

Caramelizing the ingredients prevents it from moisture uptake; it also gives to the product an homogeneity of taste, of shape and of colour.


Burnt dry sugar

Raw sugar is cooked in a cauldron then the product is crunched up and screened to get a granular effect.

Caramel crunchy rice and biscuit

Caramel crunchy rice: a crispy rice gluten free, made with extruded and toasted rice flour coated with caramel.

Caramel crunchy biscuit: a gluten free crispy biscuit, made with toasted and extruded rice mix flour coated with caramel

These two products can be used in ice cream, chocolate or paste as topping or inclusion and proposed too in mix with nougatines pieces called “Pralibiscuit or Pralirice”.